BrainScan CEO: Improving Medical Image Analysis Using AI

Interview with Felix Beacher, head of healthcare tech at Informa Tech.

Polish startup BrainScan has deployed an AI-powered system that it said can analyze CT scans and other medical images to spot brain lesions in a matter of minutes. It aims to cover all brain pathologies, which the company said its competitors do not do. The results of BrainScan’s AI system will support the findings of radiologists, whose ranks are declining as the workforce ages.

Felix Beacher, head of healthcare technology at Informa Tech, recently interviewed BrainScan’s CEO Szymon Korzekwa to talk about AI’s impact on and implications for the medical imaging market.

What follows is an edited version of that conversation.

Felix Beacher: Could you describe the system you have developed?

Szymon Korzekwa: BrainScan is an AI-powered software solution designed for CT scan analysis and auto-detection of brain lesions. It aims at improving diagnostics’ accuracy and efficiency by reducing under-reporting and assisting radiologists with patient prioritization.

The series of scans from the CT machine is sent as DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine standard) files to the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) server, which is the computing device for securely storing, retrieving, managing, and accessing medical imaging information. It is a centralized device allowing data access requests to multiple other devices within the network.

Then the script filters all brain CT scans, anonymizes them and forwards them to the BrainScan Cloud. Algorithms powered by artificial intelligence automatically analyze scans finding potential pathological changes.

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