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Michał Szemień, Head of the Emergency Department at the Poznan Regional Hospital, Poland

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I have the pleasure of using the BrainScan A.I. system for over six months now. The software analyzes all CT scans performed in the emergency department; this can be up to a few dozen daily. We are the busiest emergency department in Greater Poland.

We've noticed during this time, thanks to the tool, a significant reduction in the length of patient stays in the emergency department and the times from CT scan to consultation and then onward transfer of patients to surgical wards - and I'm talking about the group of patients with intracranial hemorrhages. Regardless of their cause and type, we have a whole range of trauma patients with epidural and subdural hematomas; and the full spectrum of spontaneous, subarachnoid or intracerebral hemorrhages. The software tool is designed to operate so that after ordering and performing a CT head scan, the ER doctor will receive a notification if the system detects pathology in the form of bleeding. Without waiting for a radiologist's description, or an independent assessment of the results, the doctor can consult and transfer the patient to a neurosurgeon.

For example - a few days ago, a woman aged 40-50 arrived at our ER department complaining of a headache. Immediately a CT scan of the head was performed. The BrainScan software found a difficult-to-detect subarachnoid hemorrhage close to the skull. It allowed us to rapidly transfer the patient to the neurosurgical ward for immediate brain surgery, saving the patient's life!



Having launched commercial implementation with the most renown representatives of hospital emergency department and diagnostic and outpatient service companies in Poland. BrainScan process more than 15K head CT exams per month. Actually working with: