Brainscan.ai – tackles the problem of misinterpretations and increasing queues for medical CT interpretation. We created software that uses machine learning to analyze computed tomography images of the head to detect and evaluate brain changes.

We are proud to announce, that the Brainscan company just got 1 Million dollars of funding for R&D from the Polish National Centre for Research and Development. The funding will allow further development of a state of the art 3D imagining analytical engine. Thanks to this solution, Radiologist will be able to give an opinion on a case faster, more accurately and with easy access to similar cases, so they can make a more informed decision. While there seem to be a lot of teams working on similar solutions, according to our extensive market research, our approach is unique in the blend of functionalities, design, market approach and data processing methodologies.

The rest of the team are professionals with years in their respective fields, ranging from Ai, medical, management, finances to communication, GUI and legal.

The AI engine can be implemented as a functionality to existing Dicom Viewers, making it more approachable to the market and in extent, helping more people. It can also be installed directly to PACS, for those medical entities, that need to have a closed medical information system.

The 1 mln $ R&D funding will be specifically used for the development of the 3D analytical engine and data processing methods.

The current version of Brainscan shows promising results with AUC (Area Under the Curve – classification quality measurement method) between 75% to 85% for Bleeding and Stroke. The finished product will detect, classify and localize many types of brain lesions, with a ready to use, automated report. The final lesion count is hard to pinpoint, due to new discoveries and medical progress. We strive to create an ever-expanding system, that will aid the medical radiology process for generations to come.

Right now Brainscan.ai is looking for medical entities and research centers, that would like to become partners in this project, by sharing knowledge and giving access to Brain CT datasets, in exchange for having early access to the finished product, with can be used for medical and educational purposes. For more information, please contact Darek at dariusz.wisniewski@brainscan.ai