e-Health, data sources and A.I. transformation

Having the chance of being a speaker for the e-Health Forum, I wanted to take this opportunity and write a short article on the digital transformation. 

According to the European Commission in their article: Pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) (1) Only 20% of SMEs, which consolidate 90% of the EU economy, have highly adapted to new technologies. They list some examples of strategies to improve the speed of digital accommodation in small companies, including funding and knowledge sharing. In the context of our work, the most interesting part was the data-sharing programs, but they did not provide solutions for our specific needs. This means that one of the main problems, in my opinion, is not being addressed.

As I discussed with the other panelists, Poland has its own plan for technology implementation, and by reading, A.I. strategy from the Ministry Digitalisation (2), they seem to know the scope of the problem SMEs have with not only implementing new technologies but creating them as well. But, they only give their recommendations in regards to Funding, Market Entry, and Talent Training. There is no clear strategy for data acquisition, which is as fundamental as the aforementioned business and HR space. However, there are some graet ideas on creating an open database for R&D purposes, especially in the medical sphere.

It’s a challange because Poland's A.I. ecosystem is bigger than anybody could have predicted a couple of years back. Digital Poland made a comprehensive report (3) on the subject. I highly recommend reading it for a boost of good morale.

As a closing line, I would like to thank the Artur Pruszko Director of e-Health Forum as well as Tadeusz Jędrzejczyk the Director of the Health Department of the Marshal's Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship for inviting me, and as an extension representing BrainScan.ai, CTA.ai and AIFactory.pl companies as a co-founder - which covered majority of the space, for A.I. development in our local ecosystem.