BrainScan conferences and mentions:

  • ECR’2023 - “AI Face Off Neuro CT Hemorrhages and Stroke” is one of the two best worldwide solutions that correctly identify hemorrhage and stroke in most cases. It was head-to-head comparison world number one solutions,, and, Vienna, Austria. [read more]
  • BrainScan have received a gold medal in Kaggle RSNA - Intracranial Hemorrhage A.I. Challenge during conference in Chicago, USA. [read more]
  • the Financial Times has covered the story of and its future development. [read more]
  • have been mentioned as one of the TOP Disruptors in Healthcare in Poland. [read more]
  • we have been featured in one of the biggest med tech portals in Poland as Digital Health Innovators. [read more]
  • CEO, Szymon Korzekwa interview: Improving Medical Image Analysis Using A.I. [read more]