BrainScan.AI with best Pitch at #ScaleItGlobal

In a landmark achievement, BrainScan.AI secured a prestigious position at the renowned Expand North Star event, showcasing top-notch entrepreneurial talent. Led by the adept presentation of Wiktoria Wilman, BrainScan stood out among a cohort of 10 distinguished Polish founders, capturing the discerning attention of a panel comprising industry experts and leaders: Zarko Ackovik, Commercial Director at Dubai World Trade Centre (GITEX GLOBAL Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World/Expand North Star), Hans Larsen, Manager - Digital Economy Acceleration at Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, Michal Kramarz, Head of Google for Startups CEE, and Mateusz Bodio, Founder, RKKVC, Aleksander Klak, Partner, RKKVC, Mariusz Adamski, Partner ff Venture Capital and Michał Polański, Entrepreneurship Support Department Director, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The inaugural speeches by Ahmed Almansouri, Magda Kotlarczyk, and Michal Kramarz set a tone of anticipation and intellectual fervor. Of particular significance was the collaboration with Małgorzata Panek-Kasińska, CEO of MK Business Link LLC, whose insights illuminated the technological trends and market dynamics of the Middle East. The presentations from esteemed professionals such as Abdulla Algaoud, Ewa Aleksandrowicz, and Sebastian Konkol added layers of depth to the discourse, offering invaluable perspectives on the experiences garnered from GITEX Global and Expand North Star. Magdalena Zwolińska from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development underscored the myriad opportunities available for Polish entrepreneurs to engage with GITEX Global, fostering a climate of collaboration and mutual exchange.

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to all parties involved in orchestrating this extraordinary event, setting the stage for BrainScan's imminent journey to Dubai. As the team meticulously prepares for this momentous venture, anticipation mounts to reconnect with familiar faces and forge new alliances within Dubai's dynamic business landscape.

Congratulations are in order not only to BrainScan.AI but also to the top nine finalists for their exemplary pitches!

Stay abreast of BrainScan.AI's continued trajectory, driven by a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, as it embarks on its odyssey to leave an indelible mark on the global stage. Dubai, brace yourself - BrainScan.AI is on its way!

Sharing the stage with influential personalities like Ahmed Almansouri, Magda Kotlarczyk, and Michal Kramarz, who officially inaugurated the event, was indeed a privilege. Additionally, it was an honor to join forces with Małgorzata Panek-Kasińska, CEO of MK Business Link LLC, who shed light on the opportunities in the Middle East market and its technological trends. The event also featured insightful presentations from Abdulla Algaoud, Director - Digital Operations at Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, as well as Ewa Aleksandrowicz, Co-Founder & Sales Manager at Viz Art Automation, and Sebastian Konkol, CTO at Sport Vision Technology, who shared their experiences at GITEX Global and Expand North Star.