Brainscan Participates in RSNA Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection challenge hosted by Kaggle

By 10/10/2019 No Comments

Improving the accuracy of the algorithms is our priority. That is why we work on improving pathology recognition models. That is why we wanted to announce, that we are participating in RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection challenge, run by Kaggle – the biggest and most prestigious machine learning community in the world. 



Top scientists and researchers from all over the globe try to solve global problems, using the newest technologies. As the challenge aligns with Brainscan vision, we decided to use our knowledge and experience to try to solve the radiology interpretation crisis.

For the competition, we will train the models on the dataset, provided by the RSNA partners exclusively, using the code written specifically for this contest. We will comply with 100% of the guidelines of the competition, to prove the scalability of our models and suggest an approach to datasets in this particular pathology sphere. 

The contest will be resolved at the end of November.