BrainScan acquired $1.5M in a public issue of shares.

The company raised $1.5M (PLN 6M) in a public offering of shares. The issue was met with demand several times higher than the volume of offered securities. The Company's shares were taken up mainly by renowned institutional investors and a large group of private persons. The funds obtained from the issue will allow for further research and development work and support for the commercialization of the BrainScan CT system.

BrainScan company delivers an A.I. technology in medical imaging diagnostics, acquired $1.5M (PLN 6M) in a public issue of shares.

"Dom Maklerski Navigator S.A." - the brokerage house - is the sole Offer Manager and Book Manager.

BrainScan.AI is a world-leading provider of a solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, which is used in the analysis of computed tomography images - CT scans of the human brain. The company's system detects over 20 pathological changes in the human brain in a few minutes, including the most serious injuries. Thanks to this, it has a real impact on the effectiveness of imaging diagnostics in the work of hospital emergency departments and teleradiology companies. The BrainScan CT system has received the current EU CE MDR certification.